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Our virtual design experience allows our clients to receive the private jeweler experience anywhere in the world with the convenience and flexibility of online communication. In fact, most of our clients engage with us entirely over email!

Most clients begin with one of our core designs and request modifications to make it uniquely their own. You can also send us a photo of a ring you’d like to emulate. Our design team will take your requests and make your dream ring come to life!

Custom design follows two basic steps: computer aided design (CAD) and photorealistic renderings.  

CAD will show overly thick metal and extra long prongs (the prongs do not stay that long; they are eventually cut and hand-bent over the diamond). This 3D print file is used to create a mold and casting for your ring and must start heavy to ensure a smooth finish on your ring during hand polish. You may make as many modifications to the design as you’d like. Most clients are in and out of CAD in 3-7 days; however some clients choose to make several iterations. Your Concierge will inform you if a design element you are requesting is ill-advised.
Once we begin to finalize the design, the next step is photorealistic renderings. Photorealistic renderings are 2D representations of your ring, like the kind you see all over our website. These renderings take several hours or even days to produce, so are utilized at the end of the process. Renderings are designed to show how your ring will look once it is finished, however they are still approximate and cannot fully show hand-finished elements. Your renderings will show the dimensions of your diamond in your setting (they are not stock renderings).
How to Make It Your Own

Ada’s core designs come in a variety of styles, widths, and metals. Mix, match, and modify! Nearly any piece can be made with any combination of basket and shank style in various widths and coverage options.

Basket Styles
<p>Features a thin gallery wire for added support, allowing for more delicate individual prongs. Allows a wedding band to sit nearly flush with a minor gap.</p>





Classic Six

(Rounds Only)

Ada Diamonds Lab Diamond Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring Rendering In Profile View AD148



Hidden Halo

Solitaire Band Styles


Knife Edge


Split Shank

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